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Times to be opened (the perception of)



Title : TIMES TO BE OPENED (the perception of)
Dance : Eva Klimackova
Music : poems of Ghérasim Luca
Light : Yann Le Bras
Duration : 40 min

Production : cie E7KA Co-production : CCN d'Orléans (dans le cadre de "l'acceuil studio 2015" Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, DRAC Centre val de Loire dans le cadre "d'Aide au projet 2016", International Visegrad Fund With the support of : La Briqueterie CDC Val de Marne, Ménagerie de verre dans le cadre de StudioLAB, Se.s.ta Prague, Institut slovak of Paris


Times to be opened (the perception of)

Times to be opened (the perception of) is a subtle conversation between the dance of Eva Klimackova, the regard of the visual artist LAURENT GOLDRING and two poems of Ghérasim Luca (avant-garde poet of Romaine origin and French expression). During this conversation an anigmatic liason is created between gestures and words, between concreat and abstract, serious and absurd, between appearance, disappearance and disfigurations. The body abandon itself to the unusual relation with the disturbing and torrid language of Luca; who folds, twists, extends and spirals the sentences trying to resound with the plasticity of words, through a minimalism deepening the poetic image. To feel, to move, to perceive, to say becomes suddenly the operations to discover the infinite strangeness of human being.

The deformed and strange beauty of the movement is perfectly resonant with the way that Ghérasim Luca research, sculpt and cut the French language making it other.


" To say the strangeness of the language,

to deploy the strangeness of the body,

seems to be, after all,

a funny and fleeting game

of the unspeakable strangeness of human condition."

Text : Valentina Karampagia


REVIEWS : writen by Gérard Mayen - 10/2016

... Un rigoureux, affolant et délicieux précis d'écriture insolite du mouvement dansé...